Slip and Fall Facts

Slip and Fall Facts & Statistics With So Many Accidents...

The Department of Labor and the National Safety Council have provided us with the following facts:

  1. Slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of accidental deaths; automobile accidents are number one.
  2. Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidental injuries in hotels, restaurants and public buildings.
  3. More than 9 million slip and fall accidents occur in North America every year.
  4. About 25,000 people a day are hospitalized as a result of these accidents.
  5. On Average, 55 people a day DIE as a result of slip/falls.
  6. 55% of adults over 40 years of age have experiencced slip/fall accidents.
  7. Almost 35% of slip/fall accidents invlve children.

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Source of Osha Violations Reported by Department of labor


Most common cause of lost workday accidents


People hospitalized per year Most with head injury

50 Billion

In medical costs each year for slips and falls

A No-Slip Business Decision

On a rainy day, the entrance way of every store and office building becomes a danger zone - for customers and staff. Every marble floor that's just been mopped, every kitchen in every restaurant or school cafeteria, every bathtub in every hotel, every washroom floor with a few drops of water - all these places and more are legal battlefields. Every commercial property or public building - and even private dwellings and bath areas - are faced with this potential liability.